Why air conditioners should be serviced regularly

To always get the best performance from their air conditioners Christchurch, https://www.dcis.co.nz/residents need to ensure that their air conditioners are regularly serviced. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t remember to service their units until their performance begin to drop or when they become faulty. 

Commercial units are usually subjected to more usage so they should be serviced at least 4 times a year while domestic units should be serviced at least once a year because they are subjected to less usage. Your environment also plays a role in how often you should service your units. People who live in dusty areas need to service their units more often. Find the benefits of regular maintenance below.

It saves repair cost
During maintenance, all the components of your units are checked. The refrigerant level is checked and leaks are also plugged if any. Most importantly, filters are cleaned. Potential faults are averted. This prevents your units from breaking down. Prevention is always better and much cheaper than cost. 

If your units keep running on blocked filters, other parts will also be affected because they will all be working much harder. It is needless to remind you that faulty air conditioners consume more power. Regular servicing will prevent all these.

Longer lifespan
Ensuring that all the components of your air conditioners are in perfect condition during maintenance will make your units continue to give you great performance. There will be fewer repairs. That way, you will increase their lifespan. 

Why do you think if two different homes install the same model of air conditioner on the same day, one will break down before the other? Two factors are responsible – Amount of usage and frequency of maintenance checks. So, regular servicing will help you lengthen the lifespan of your units.

Warranty retention
According to the warranty policy of most manufacturers, violating their maintenance recommendations will void the warranty on your units. You don’t want to void the warranty on your air conditioners.

In summary, your air conditioners will serve you longer and give you top performance always when you don’t skip their routine maintenance checks. It is as simple as that.