Nelson electricians


Nelson electricians is what you are looking for. Would it be electrical maintenance, new installation and other electrical services. We provide satisfying services at a competitive cost with honest, hardworking and reliable professional technicians.

Our customers vary from residential houses, schools, commercial establishments and even government owned properties. Our job includes equipment tagging and testing, repairs, commercial maintenance and installation, evaporative air servicing and winter shutdowns. We also do other services such as: rewiring houses, installing lighting  and even safety inspection.

Promptness is very important to us, but we do not forsake efficiency. Our technicians are highly trained, diverse in kills and are experts with all the legalities. They are also well-experienced since they have undergone extensive training from different industries. Their experiences enabled them to learn techniques that are mostly learned in theories.

So whatever the size of your electrical problem, we find solutions. We also recommend that service and maintenance to any of our appliances or electrical gadgets should be regular. This is to ensure safety and longevity of your appliances.

Our lives are all seem dependent to electrical services now. So, with this fact, we want the most dependable and reliable electrical company. But we also want to pay reasonably.