How to Video Blog on a Budget

Video is such a powerful and effective way to present content and through video production Christchurch, I can tell my stories. I’m a video blogger and have found a way of doing my work on a budget but still come up with high quality videos. For starters, I don’t need a high-end camera to do my work because a regular video camera works fine for me. But when I need high quality footage and sound, I simply hire a professional videographer to do the job. Sometimes I even hire a professional camera and do the shooting myself to save money. 

A sturdy tripod is all I need to shoot quality footage and I have one big one for my camera and another one for my auto-cue system. For my auto-cue system, I use an app known as “Prompt-It Maxi”, which consists of my iPhone paired with an app known as “Teleprompt+.” For my backdrop, I use a special kind of paint known as chroma-key. With my chroma-key area, I can make any background “transparent” while making it interactive. I can, therefore, overlay photos, videos, words, and just about anything I like. I bought my chroma-key paint at a multimedia supply company and painted a large polystyrene board to provide my backdrop. 

Since I need headphones that cover my ears completely, I chose a Sennheiser HD280 Pro which costs around $80. I also have a lapel mic that I use whenever I’m filming outdoors and it costs around $140. For my lighting, I got a second-hand kit that set me back around $70. I use Adobe Premier as my editing software. As you can see, the whole setup costs around $1,000 and I’m ready to begin filming. The good thing is that I can always hire a professional videographer whenever the need arises, especially when I need more camera angles or more powerful lighting when shooting at night.